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Meow, meow mow, meoow. And for those humans reading, hello and welcome. These are my pages which allow me to express myself to the world. I'm a big (some might say fat though I'd say I'm just well proportioned) black and chocolately coloured male cat. I enjoy sleeping, sitting on my windowsill, eating, chasing mice and birds and generally nosing around anything out of the ordinary. I hope you enjoy my pages.

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June 28, 2006

Funny Stuff This Web

I don't fully understand all this clever web stuff (well, I'm too busy sleeping to get my head fully round it) but apparently I now have my own domain. Seems the hosting I was on is just a bit too much unreliable for the effort. I'm told the old address should redirect here when and if it ever reappears, so this really is the new home.

Er, please update bookmarks etc!

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January 14, 2006


Hey, Ian showed me this cool website, just for cats!! Catster is like one of those community sites the humans have, but just for us cats. So I registered. I already have a friend!

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December 01, 2005


It's not fair I tell you. Ian seems to have vanished again and my on demand tickles have gone with him. I miss him. To make things worse Rachel is disappearing this weekend and rumour is I'll be left with nothing but a clockwork feeder. It's terribly rude if you ask me! What's a puddy to do. Well, I'm not pleased at all. I shan't bring any mice for anybody for a while, I tell you.

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November 23, 2005


Rachel isn't around at the moment -- I'm told she's in Portugal, though I'm not clear where that is (the cats around here think it might be somewhere beyong the railway lines out back but I'm not sure Rachel is silly enough to go near those. I think it must be down past the postbox). Anyway, as she's not around to look after me Ian is. It's really nice to have him around again; if nothing else it means there tends to be more ham around. He always seems ready for tickles too (er, tickling me that is, obviously). I just wish he was around a bit more of the time :-( I miss him -- wonder if Rachel does...Though he does have a habit of sitting on my sofa; just had to throw him off there! It's also taken quite some time of sitting on him every time he gets his laptop out for him to realise I want a go. Hope Rachel brings some tuna or something back from where ever this Portugal is.

Not a lot else happening, which frankly is more or less the way I like it. Murphy seems to have calmed down a bit, though he seems to keep disagreeing with kitty (who isn't such a kitty anymore) on the other side of me. I don't really care what they do so long as they keep off my drive. I do have the occassional game of cat chess with them of course (I'm quite some tactical player, even if I do say so myself). Fact I might have a quick wander out now, though it is quite cold so not for too long...

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September 26, 2005

Miss Daddy

I miss my daddy :-( I'm not getting anywhere near enough ham now, and there aren't enough people around to tickle me. I don't like this one bit. I've tried telling mummy that she should talk to him and maybe even try more than that, but she thinks I'm just randomly meowing--then she has the cheek to bugger off to look after another puddy! And that naughty Murphy from next door keeps coming in; I need people here to protect me. He was on my sofa the other week, then I found hiding in my place beneath the sofa bed.

Not a happy pud

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July 07, 2005


Of course, if Murphy needs some guidance he could do worse than to remember that all cats are partly Buddhist, though we aren't all as enlightened as Dharma the Cat, even me! Alternatively, he could get one of these to help his human locate him.

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What A Silly Boy

Settled into my new home quite nicely now. The cat who owned most of the territory around here has moved now (along with the silly dog). A new boy has moved in his place (with his humans, obviously). He's called Murphy. We've exchanged welcoming cards but haven't actually met yet, as Murphy's been keeping in doors until he gets used to things. Anyway, apparently (and I only have this second hand as I was asleep upstairs at the time) Murphy went outside for the first time the other day and got a bit confused. He seemed to lose track of where he lives and was found by Ian poking his head through my flap. A few tickles later and he was returned to his own grateful humans. What a silly pud. Mind, I suppose getting lost might beat getting accidently locked in a cupboard, thanks to Ian not noticing me there. Humph. Luckily Rachel rescued me before too long, but I think it shows why you should spend most of the time lazing around not moving too much. Which is what I'm off to do now...

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